The Kaukab Abu ElHija Sculpture Path Project


Artistic Director:

Axel Ewald


Kaukab Abu ElHija,

Gallilee, Israel,



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The Kaukab Abu ElHija Sculpture Path Project

The Idea for this Community Sculpture Project arose in continuation of the artist's "Passageway" Environmental Sculpture for the "Sculpture Park for Peace and Coexistence" in the Kaukab Abu ElHija village in the Gallilee. The artist suggested to the local Community Council to create a sculpture path which would connect the two parts of the sculpture park. Art students from the Alanus School of Art in Germany would create the sculpture path with the help of members of the local community and the local Community Council.


the straight part of the path


sketch plan of sculpture path


the reinstuted water cistern and collection areaThe German students, who were hosted for four weeks by local families, were guided by the artist and their tutor, the sculptor Jochen Breme. The first part of the process consisted in a thorough study of the site in order to identify features and qualities of the different areas, as well as a study of traditional local building techniques. Students made maps and drawings and interviewed members of the local community. A first overall sketch-plan outlined the overall course of the path, and identified a disused water cistern as the focal point of the project, which was to be refurbished and made accessible. The plan also outlined motives for sculptural and landscaping features in the various areas, with the aim to create a "storyline", a progression of experiences for the visitor.




students working on paving around olive treesIn the next step each student or group of students chose an area and started to sketch ideas for environmental sculptures. The sketches were presented and discussed with the group and the tutors, and eventually presented to the local community.

The various sculptural projects, as well as the connecting path and other landscaping features, were then executed by the students with the help of members of the local community and local craftsmen.


view west over the wall piece


construction of the cistern coverthe artist with one of the German students and a local



























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