limestone rocks, wooden poles, river boulders, gravel, railway sleepers, plants


Beit Uri - home for adults with special needs


Givat Hamoreh, Afula, Israel




Beit Uri - Home for adults

with special needs










The artist was comissioned to design and build a watergarden for the Beit Uri home for adults with special needs. The design was to be easily accessible, stimulating for the senses and providing a range of different experiences of water. The focal point of the design is a well-stone with a strong flow of water. The water is draining through a layer of river boulders and is collected in an underground tank from where a pump returns the water to the well-stone.

From the well-stone area a "dry river-bed", constructed from flat limestone rocks, river boulders and gravel continues downhill, accompanied by a paved path.

Further features include a bridge, built of railway sleepers, stone benches and a rich variety of mediterranean vegetation.