Educational and Ecological Park

Harduf Waldorf

High School,


Kibbutz Harduf, Israel


in cooperation with

Noga Carmel, landscape architect


2010 -

ongoing project


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Educational and Ecological Park









Harduf Waldorf High School












Together with a team of high-school teachers, the artist develoved the concept of this expanded garden design. Apart from providing a pleasant environment for breaktime activities of the children, the teachers asked for a design which relates to specific educational needs and environmental concerns.




the area designated for the implementation of the park



The main elements of the design include:


  • a partly covered piazza with a large pergola and a small performance space, adjacent to the gymnasium (which also serves as a space for gatherings, performances and exhibitions)
  • rainwater collection from the roof of the sports hall and storage in a large tank underneath the pergola.
  • a large lake with jetty and shallow water area for aquatic plants. This bio-sphere will provide ample opportunity for outdoor studies in biology and ecology. Evaporation from the lake is offset by water fed in from the rainwater collection tank
  • a viewing platform on the lake edge with a sculptural shade structure
  • a mayor lakeside environmental sculpture
  • a stream which is fed by water pumped from the lake. This water course consists of various areas with different characters and vegetation zones (including the "spring", a "water-and-rock" garden, bridges and other landscape features
  • a rich and varied indigenous vegetation of trees, shrubs and perannuals, providing ample opportunities for field studies in biology as well as outdoor art lessons
  • covered outdoor classrooms
  • shaded areas with benches for gatherings of small groups
  • a workout concourse with equipment for physical exercise
  • areas designated for the creation of environmental sculptures as part of art-lessons

photograph of part of the scale model, showing the lake and pergola


artist impression of sculptural shade structure

artist impression of lake with environmental sculpture

artist impression of stream landscape

artist impression of outdoor classroom structure


The artist cooperated with landscape architect Noga Carmel in transforming the model and artist sketches into architectural plans and a presentation folder. The project is currently awaiting approval from the authorities.


detailed map of the Educational and Ecological Park at Harduf High School



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