Playground Design

wood, limestone, gravel, wooden trunks pond liner, water, plants


Realisation with the help of Avichai Ronen



Kibbutz Harduf, Israel


2012 - 14 ongoing


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Playground Design

Kibbutz Harduf










The artist was asked by the Harduf Community to re-design and update the existing playground area for small children. An overall master-plan for future development was to be created, including the addition of innovative playground equipment, additional landscape features, improved access and other elements.


The new sculptural play-elements will eventually include:

a wooden ship, a locomotive and wagons made from whole wooden logs, a climbing sculpture, a labyrinth and an extension of the existing pond, including running water and a bridge.
Work on the playground started in Spring 2013. The upper part of an oak tree which had died a year ago was cut down and used as raw material for the artist to carve a climbable sculpture.




The basis for the labyrinth was built of interwoven branches, creating an undulating tunnel of varying height. Then willow cuttings were planted along the walls of the structure and these given generous watering. Soon the willow cuttings were leafing. And within two months the whole structure had become a green, living tunnel, giving shade and providing an exciting space for children to explore and to hide in.

The next project was the construction of the spring and the water-course. This was built by the artist, using pond-liner, local lime stones, river bolders and cement. The water landscape was completed by the addition of a beautiful bridge, built by local craftsman Avichai Ronen.






The currently last addition is the locomotive with two carriages, carved out of full wooden logs. The project will be continued.