Murmur of the Valley

chestnut poles, hazelnut branches, manila rope


"Fete de Mai", International Environmental Sculpture Symposium, Gesves, Belgium, 2003


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Murmur of the Valley

sketch drawing for "Murmur of the Valley"the artist works on "Murmur of the Valley"



















"Murmur of the Valley" - view towards Gesves village



"fences, we know,

cut through and separate places and people;

they stop movement, repel, prevent, hide.

these fences strive to blend in and move with the flow of the valley;

to connect and make bridges

between here and there,

between left and right,

between above and below;

to facilitate and encourage movement;

to invite us to walk and penetrate them

by walking,

by looking,

by listening to their gentle conversation

with each other

and the valley;

and so they may,

rather than hide,

reveal and make visible

the murmur of the valley."


Axel Ewald

detail view



the artist talks to school children about his creation


















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